Information for Parents
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Parents have an integral role to play in The Washington Center experience. TWC’s program teaches interns how to develop the practical skills they need to become fully self-sufficient.  Here are some of the things parents can do to help develop these skills:

  • Have your students contact TWC themselves when they have questions.
  • Have your students complete the necessary paperwork on their own.
  • If students are experiencing a problem, be a sounding board but refer them to the appropriate people at TWC.
  • It is important for the parent to be a supportive figure but not the actual action figure. Impress upon your student the importance of taking on that skill development.

If your student has questions, here are some helpful resources:

Program ComponentsEach component enhances the experiential education model subscribed to by The Washington Center.

InternshipThe internship provides the opportunity for students to:


  • Develop professional skills and aptitudes such as effective communication, teamwork, project management, critical analysis, conflict resolution and other skills
  • Create a network of contacts to guide and assist future professional development
  • Witness first-hand various leadership styles within an organization
  • Develop confidence and test out leadership roles within an organization
  • Analyze the contribution the internship site makes to the larger social good

The LEAD ColloquiumThe LEAD Colloquium (previously known as the Leadership Forum) is a set of activities and assignments that help students expand and enrich their academic and professional knowledge through practical application and critical reflection. Each is designed to help students broaden their skills and perspectives, build networks and identify potential future paths. 

The activities and assignments include:

  • Small Group Discussion
  • Professional Track Programming
  • Simpson-Mineta Leaders Series
  • Civic Engagement
  • Global Citizenship Day (fall and spring)
  • Career Boot Camp
  • Structured reflection and documentation of learning through a Portfolio

Academic CourseThe academic course provides opportunities for students to:


  • Learn foundational theories to be practices in the professional workplace
  • Discuss opportunities to apply classroom learning in the work environment
  • Collaborate with fellow students in the exploration of academic content

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