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The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars is an independent, nonprofit organization serving hundreds of colleges and universities in the United States and other countries by providing selected students challenging opportunities to work and learn in Washington, D.C., for academic credit. The largest program of its kind, The Washington Center has 80 full-time staff and more than 50,000 alumni, many of whom are in leadership positions in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.


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For more than 35 years, students have found The Washington Center’s program an excellent means of finding that kind of opportunity, enriching their studies and launching their careers. Learn more.


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For over 35 years, The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars has helped more than 50,000 students from around the world gain valuable experience, and set them on a course of achievement, leadership and engagement in their communities. In a recent survey, 98% of TWC interns said our program significantly strengthened their career prospects. Now, our alumni are leaders in virtually every field -- public service, journalism, business, law, medicine, education, and more.
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January 04-17, 2015



Building Better Internships: Roadmap for Successful Internships
Internships: For decades, they existed with little fanfare – as rites of passage, allowing students to test-drive their college major in a professional setting. Today, internships are front-page news, and unfortunately the conversation too often has been limited to wages...
July 8, 2014


Getting the Facts: Simpson-Mineta Leaders Series Panel Shares Insights on the Media’s Role in Politics
With the pivotal 2014 midterm congressional election quickly approaching and commentators already handicapping the 2016 U.S. presidential tilt, The Washington Center’s Simpson-Mineta Leaders Series shifted its focus to money, media and messaging with an outstanding panel...
July 18, 2014

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